Let’s be honest here, we all need validation in one form or another, am I right? Most people like to feel like they are doing something the right way. We seek out encouragement from those we trust most.  When someone close to you doesn’t share your vision, there is but one thing left to do, bounce back and win! Whatever happens, never stop believing in your dreams. I prefer to keep things light and airy around here. After all, we are here to build amazing things.  First, I need to share with you how I saw my dream die and I spoke life into it, and now it exists.

I want to share something that happened that reawakened me to stay the course. When you have something that you believe in 110% and all of your efforts and resources go towards achieving that goal or vision; it is disheartening when those around you don’t share the same drive. You can still do what you believe in and move mountains. Remember that it is your dream, your baby so don’t expect everyone to jump on board.

False Awakenings

I had the strangest dream last night, a vivid dream that when you awake you question if it was a dream at all or reality. Those are known as false awakenings, sounds intense, eh? The emotions you experience are so raw that once awake you still feel them. Every now and then I have dreams like this when I am searching for an answer and the answer in real life usually comes in the form of a dream that I can interpret. I’m no Joseph in the Technicolor Dreamcoat, but I will say my dreams do provide me direction.

Like Sigmund Freud said, “There is a psychological technique which makes it possible to interpret dreams, and … if that procedure is employed, every dream reveals itself as a psychical structure which has a meaning and which can be inserted at an assignable point in the mental activities of waking life.”


If you are on the path to pursuing your dreams and following your passion, it is guaranteed that you will run into some adversity and feel like giving up. Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP! Sorry to yell, it is imperative that you stay your course, trust me the challenges you face will make you that make stronger and brace you for harder punches which life will throw at you.


A Dream Too Real To Be A Dream

Here’s what happened in my dream.  I learned a young child I knew passed away. I refused to believe it was true. I saw a child lying on a bed, lifeless, I attempted to revive him. I tousled his arms, vigorously rubbed his back.  Continuously demanding that he wake up. After several “dream” minutes of resuscitation, his eyes began to flutter. Soon excitement filled me as I continued trying to wake him. By this time the room began to slowly fill with people who were there to grieve.

“The dead was coming back to life”

When I shared with others that the child was indeed alive and we witnessed a miracle. Their faces remained downtrodden and eyes filled with tears, sorrow, and pity. I did not understand why there wasn’t more joy. The child was quite lethargic, recovering from his Lazarus-like state, he was alive. Still no gleeful response from my support team. Can you imagine the confusion I felt? I finally asked someone what they saw. I heard the reply, that the child was deceased. There I was holding a live child and someone two feet away from me could not see that. Stay with me, there’s a happy ending.

What You Need, You Already Have

It is my belief that the answer to every question can be found in a book. There in my dream, I rushed to the bookstore to locate a book to explain what I had experienced. I then realized that I already had the answers, I had the book at home, I already had an explanation!

Go Forward, No Matter What

I awoke disoriented and distraught, saddened and dismayed, confused. I quickly said a prayer to gain some clarity on the surreal hallucination trip I experienced. And in the same breath, this is what I received. Your dreams and goals are like your baby. You may want to nurture it, care for it, and watch it blossom. Others around you may see your dreams as dead, not going anywhere. Are you ready for this one? If you speak life, continuously, to your dream, it will come alive.

Even those closest to you may not believe you, believe in you and will see your dream as a waste of time. They’ll tire of you talking about it, discourage you, and redirect your mind elsewhere. What you want to achieve will be so close to you, that you can feel its warmth, sense it’s breath, it’s alive! Your spouse, best friend, mother, father, or sister will kindly convince you that the marketplace is flooded with your product already or the resources, financial or otherwise are out of your reach. It may appear that way, but everything is not always as it appears to be.

“Everything is not always as it appears to be”

Remember in my dream, I left the chaotic confusing scene searching for something only to wander around in an unfamiliar land only to realize what I needed was already within. Translation, stay in your lane and avoid distraction. You may need to tap into your resources to achieve your goals. Whether those resources are people or books and let us not forget the power of the almighty Internet. I will say despite the digital world we live in, human interaction is still your best bet for advancing in life. You may say, you don’t know the right people. I can assure you, based on my own personal non-scientific data, of course, that the six-degree of separation theory is reduced to two degrees. Consider re-thinking things that were previously unachievable. Never be afraid to meet new people, sure not all of your connections to lead to the road of success today, but there is a chance it can in the future.



Be Great. Live Passionately.



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